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comfort race


Spine Impact Reduction System

Cushion of 35 air cells Comfort-Race, impact reduction system cord.

Lucas Cruz
comfort race


Professional Copilot

2010 Dakar winner Carlos Sainz along with the Volkswagen team.

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Do not use other inflating systems not provided by the manufacturer.

Do not place sharp objects that can perforate the cushion (screwdriver, pliers, screws, drills ...). Remove if necessary.

Make sure the connection between the cushion valve and the pump is properly tightened to avoid pressure losses.

The correct pressure for the cushion will be given by the air chamber that will be between the buttocks and the seat base. It must be to around 30 mm

It is recommended setting the cushion pressure if there are large variations in altitude and temperature.

Too much pressure on the cushion will reduce and eliminate the benefits of its use.

Cushion correct placement will be with the cells facing upwards and with the inflation valve on the front left of the seat.

There is no weight limit for using the cushion.

It is a delicate product and has risk of puncture if sharps objects are put on the cushion.

Do not pull of the pump or inflation valve to remove the cushion of the seat or to transport.

Do not use a different cover to that provided by the manufacturer.

The product has one year warranty on use conditions recommended by the manufacturer or in case of manufacturing defect.


Standards for use in automotive FIA tests. Annex "J" Security, Article 16. 6

Certification of fireproof thread to make the cover and the embroideries.