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Spine Impact Reduction System

Cushion of 35 air cells Comfort-Race, impact reduction system cord.

Lucas Cruz
comfort race


Professional Copilot

2010 Dakar winner Carlos Sainz along with the Volkswagen team.

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Injury prevention

The air cushion COMFORT-RACE has been designed and developed based on high-level competition to increase the safety of pilots and co-pilots and prevent spine injuries because of their marathon days getting violent impacts inside vehicles.

Competition vehicles are continually generating vibrations and violent unexpected impacts produced by the irregularities on the ground. These continuous vibration and impacts are transmitted to the body of athletes causing serious injuries to the spine by crushing or breaking of the vertebrae discs.

The use of any other type of cushioning (foam, latex, gel cushions...) dramatically increases the risk of injury. These cushioning systems concentrate the pressure of the trunk over the gluteus in two very different points increasing pain in the bones and muscles and reducing blood supply to the area.

COMFORT-RACE dissipates pressure over the entire cushion surface to reduce the impacts on the spine, improving blood circulation, providing protection to the skin to prevent tissue damage, improving postural seat habits and making easier transpiration.

COMFORT-RACE was developed and tested by internationally renowned drivers in hard and extensive testing. The results obtained through their use have been spectacular, greatly reducing injuries to the spine.

For correct use COMFORT-RACE recommends getting professional and personalized advice of experienced osteopaths or physiotherapists in postural correction to determine each user needs.

COMFORT-RACE is not responsible for injuries caused by improper handling and use of this product. This product is a complement to the athlete and in any case substitutes the specific physical training.