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comfort race


Spine Impact Reduction System

Cushion of 35 air cells Comfort-Race, impact reduction system cord.

Lucas Cruz
comfort race


Professional Copilot

2010 Dakar winner Carlos Sainz along with the Volkswagen team.

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Lucas Cruz

Lucas Cruz (Professional Copilot)

Born in Barcelona, December, 26 1974.

Won Dakar 2010 along with Carlos Sainz in the Volkswagen team.

After many years competing at the highest level, I have lived unforgettable and wonderful experiences, but I have also suffered in person the consequences of spending many hours sitting in a racing car. One of my main concerns is and remains to improve the safety of all who are part o of the racing world. And one of the most notable lacks I have seen in terms of safety is the constant impacts and vibration pilots and co- pilots suffer. They are caused by irregularities on the ground that the vehicles suspensions fail to absorb. It causes muscle fatigue and eventually serious injury in the spine as discs and vertebrae are affected. Hence I have developed and tested, along with biomechanical engineers and physiotherapists, the first specific air cushion for car racing, the COMFORT-RACE, whose design gives us a unique security and an excellent sweating. It will help to prevent spine injuries and will avoid lumbar diseases and muscle fatigue and also will give us a better blood circulation and unparalleled comfort.